Alloy 20 Bars: Advantages & Applications

Alloy 20 Bars: Advantages & Applications
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Alloy 20 bars are common in use because of its wide range of properties and advantages they offer. This nickel iron chromium-based alloy is considered as a superalloy because of its amazing properties. the alloy 20 bars provide resistance to crevice corrosion, pitting and even hostile environments because of the chromium and molybdenum added to it. Welding alloy 20 is easy due to the minimum carbide precipitation which is offered by columbium added to it. Moreover, it has characteristics of both nickel and stainless categories.

Alloy 20 bars offers maximum resistance to environments where stress corrosion cracking appears due to the use of sulfuric acid in the 20-40% range. It is less affected with such acid attacks and shows resistance to general corrosion as well. Moreover, it does not get affected by chloride stress corrosion cracking. its impressive mechanical properties make it good for both elevated and ambient temperatures. It can be used up to a range of 500C or 930 F.

Applications of Alloy 20 Bars

The great properties of alloy 20 make it a commonly used product to make bars however it was mostly used in an application where sulfuric acid is used. The common applications include:

  • Food and dye production
  • Heat exchangers
  • Tanks
  • Explosives
  • Chemical and allied industries
  • Valves
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Synthetic rubber and plastic manufacturing
  • Pickling racks
  • SO2 scrubbers

Advantages of Alloy 20 Bars

Alloy UNS N08020 Bar or alloy 20 is highly advantageous thus known as superalloy. It is commonly used in tire rims and pipes. Alloy 20 bars are also manufactured using this alloy. The reason to use this alloy is due to these advantages:

  • Corrosion resistant- this offers a natural resistant against different working environments which is the chief benefit among all the advantages. It can be used in marine environments, high-temperature environments, chloride, and acidic environments as well. Industries, where acids are used, need such types of alloy, these industries include pharmaceutical plants.
  • Cost less- these alloy 20 bars are less expensive than steel bars. moreover, they last longer than other bars and withstand in harsh conditions. The initial cost is also very less thus make it suitable for every application.
  • Strong- alloy 20 bars are strongest than any other bars on the market thus they are suitable for applications where high strength is desirable.
  • Easy to weld- alloy 20 is weld able easily and thus makes the work of welders easy. They don’t break down during welding and less adheres to the surface. Moreover, to weld alloy 20 less expertise is needed. So, less skilled welders can be hired thus reducing the cost of work.
  • Adaptable- this alloy is adaptable to a variety of atmospheric conditions and climate making it worthy. No need to wait to reach a suitable temperature to start production.
  • Versatile- alloy 20 is a very versatile thus different product such as wire, plate, and flat bars are made from this. Moreover, valves, fasteners, and fittings can also be made.

Due to the above advantages of alloy 20, variety of industries needs it. Their long term service and good strength and tensile strength make it durable and reliable. Moreover, their heat dissipation properties save the bars from any kind of wear and tear. Alloy 20 bars show all the above-said properties. No matter what type of industry need it, these bars are perfect.

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