Advantages & Applications of Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipes & Tubes

Advantages & Applications of Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipes & Tubes
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Copper-nickel alloys are one of the most used alloys for various applications because of their good resistance to seawater corrosion, effective at macrofouling levels lowering and excellent fabric-ability. They also because of high durability, antimicrobial properties and appearance have become right for various purposes. Jaiman metal alloys are the reliable manufacturers, suppliers and stockiest of the qualitative range of Copper Nickel 90/10 Pipes & Tubes globally. The product is very well designed according to the international and national raw material quality standards. The product to the buyers is provided with different specifications as per the demand they have made and also at a reasonable rate.

So, a buyer can easily collect those at any specification and in bulk as per needs.

The Cu-Ni 90/10 pipes & tubes are used commonly in the seawater piping because of full resistance to barnacles and marine organism. Also, it is found to be efficiently used in other applications like condenser tube or heat exchanger in the evaporator of the desalination plant, thermal power plant’s air cooling zone. It is also used in process industry plants, seawater piping into the ships, and at the greater pressure feedwater heater.

Advantages of using the Cu-Ni 90/10 pipes & tubes-

Because of the effectiveness in the production of Cu-Ni pipes and tubes it has become the best product that is having many good advantages to offer. The high quality of alloy utilization has led it to offer excellent qualities including high tensile strength, reusable and excellent formability. Also, it is highly resistant to mechanical stresses, greater resistance to high temperature and high resistance to high pressure.

Applications where Cu-Ni pipe & tube is used-

  • Shipbuilding and repair– copper and nickel alloy are used for the purpose of seawater cooling, firefighting, and pneumatic and chiller system, bilge and ballast and sanitary. They are also found to be usable for the cargo tank heating coils and feed line to the desalination plants.
  • Desalination plants– No doubt Cu-Ni is into the thermal desalination plant is very well established alloys. In MSF desalination, Cu-Ni is used commonly for the recovery section and heat rejection and in brine heaters. Now, for MED, Cu-Ni alloy is used for tubing into the evaporator section.
  • Power generation– Cu-Ni pipes and components can be easily used into the steam turbine condenser and oil coolers. Also, it is used at the greater pressure pre-heaters at the fossil fuel power and nuclear plants and in the auxiliary cooling system. They can also be used easily in conveying the clean seawater, and brackish water. Cu-Ni is also offering greater benefits in the marine renewable energy that tidal device, wind farm, and wave.
  • Seawater system Components– Cu-Ni condenser, tube sheets, heat exchangers, fittings, water boxes, piping, and pumps are a few essential components of the good quality seawater system design.
  • Antimicrobial– Cu-Ni alloy is antimicrobial. So, the viruses, fungi, and bacteria can’t survive easily on the surface of Cu-Ni product.

These are the few advantages and application of Copper Nickel 90/10 pipes & tubes that one can know about.

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