Why Titanium Grade 2 pipes are Ideal for your upcoming project?

Why Titanium Grade 2 pipes are Ideal for your upcoming project?
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Stainless Steel PipeOne of the recognized elements that have made various industrial applications a lot easier is Titanium. The titanium is best known for strategic importance as well as unique lightweight and high strength alloy. This article reveals information about titanium grade 2 pipes as pipes are mostly utilized in industrial applications.

You will also get to know why titanium grade 2 pipes are ideal for one’s upcoming project. An overview is presented in front of you so that you yourself can make your mind up for ti pipes. This way you can get not only a cost-effective product but also you can use it effectively.

Overview of titanium grade 2 pipes:

Titanium, as well as its alloys, exhibits an incredible combination of physical and mechanical properties along with corrosion resistance. This is what makes titanium grade 2 pipes critical and demanding for chemical, aerospace, industrial and other services. One of the primary attributes of titanium is that it can withstand all range of elevated temperatures. The design and selection make it appropriate for components and airframe structures.

The Titanium grade 2 Tubes show incredible and exceptional erosion/corrosion resistance which offers prime motivation for industrial uses. It is also revealed that the pipes possess the capacity to exhibit high strength in comparison to aluminum alloy. It also offers attractive elevated or peak temperature properties in auto engine components and hot gas turbine.

The excellent S-N fatigue to strength is also exhibited by the titanium pipes. It provides environmental degradation.  The titanium pipe with lowered strength is responsible for corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion in aqueous chloride media.

About erosion and corrosion resistance-

The grade 2 titanium exhibits exceptional resistance in the vast comprehensive range of conditions. In order to prevent the product from harmful chemicals, it forms a TIo2 film that is highly stable, adherent, and tenacious. Toward localized attacks, the titanium pipes are known for elevated temperatures and stress corrosion resistance in aqueous chlorides.

In addition to this, it can be easily recognized for erosion resistance, and corrosion resistance in corresponding heat affected casting and zones. However, useful resistance can be limited in highly reducing acids and strong media.

Other attractive features-

Some of the attractive features titanium grade 2 possesses are high fatigue strength in chloride and air, low modulus for elasticity, high intrinsic resistance toward shocks, and excellent cryogenic properties.

Testing of Titanium Grade 2 pipes-

Top companies ensure before dispatching the product to a client that the product is well tested through strict experts. Some of the test done on titanium grade 2 are flaring test, flattening test, chemical analysis, hardness test, mechanical test, pitting resistance test, intergranular corrosion test, and positive material identification.


After testing, one of the crucial parts is performed that is creating documents related to pipes. The notable documents are raw material test, quality assurance report, packaging list, commercial invoice, heat treatment charts, test certificates certifying NACE MR0175 and NACE MR0103.


Titanium grade 2 pipes can be furnished through coating with capped ends. Before shipping, it can be wrapped and bundles are formed so as to ship overseas.

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