Why Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes are Ideal for Food Processing Industry?

Why Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes are Ideal for Food Processing Industry?
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Duplex 2205 is a stainless steel grade with two phases ferritic and austenitic used extensively in various applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. Grade 2205 is also known as an S31803 grade that undergoes numerous modifications that result in UNS S32205. The grade offers excellent resistance to corrosion while making it an ideal choice for numerous applications and industries. However, there are many who have the question why duplex steel S32205 pipes, are considered ideal for the food processing industry? If you also have the same the question then this article is worth reading.

Here in this piece of article, you will get to know about the features of duplex steel S32205 pipe which makes it an ideal choice for food processing and industry and where you can buy these pipes.

Why duplex S32205 pipes?

The duplex UNS S32205 pipes are available in vast variety depending on the thickness, specifications, sizes, shapes and as per the client’s demands. Since, these pipes have excellent finishing, precise accuracy, durability and resistance to rust, they are used in several industries including food processing industry in abundance. These pipes are manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers Jaiman Metal Alloys.

We make sure that all our products are manufactured as per customers demand and requirement. We aimed to supply pipes in excellent quality and with reliability so that our clients can use them in certain applications easily. We are among the renowned pipe manufacturers and supply it to our customers with the best prices.

Technical details
The UNS S32205 ASTM A790  pipe is offered with standard size ranging from ½ NB to 12 NB. The pipes are available in different types as welded and seamless pipes. The outer dimensions and diameter may differ as per the requirement. These pipes are fabricated, welded or seamless with double, single or cut length. Furthermore, duplex UNS even has WERKSTOFF NR 1.4462 as well as UNS S32205 standard specifications. These pipes can easily withstand in high temperature and pressure without getting damaged.

These pipes are scheduled into different sections like SCH20, SCH80, SCH30 and more. The alloy is used for making pipes having various admirable features that enable to create the desired product. Its delivery also plays an essential role in a few atmospheric conditions. Therefore, these pipes are designed using advanced technology that ensures no spoilage and breakage of products.

Testing and packaging
When the products are fully manufactured, they come across the various inspection and quality analysis to check the quality and performance of these duplex UNS S32205 pipes. The tests include flaring test, radiography test, flattening test, third-party inspection, pitting resistance test, positive material identification test, visual inspection and more. All the tests are done under the supervision and observation of quality examiners. In the end, these pipes are packed in the superior quality of packaging material like bundles or with bubble wrapping which in turn helps prevent rust and other damages until it reaches its desired destination.

Thus, we can say that duplex steel UNS S32205 pipes are the best and ideal choice for food processing industry that needs strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

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