What’s the Difference between Titanium Grade 1 & Grade 2 Pipes?

What’s the Difference between Titanium Grade 1 & Grade 2 Pipes?
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Stainless Steel PipeYou might have a lot of research and asked lots of manufacturers about the best metal used in industries for manufacturing different industrial products. But, I am pretty sure that you must have determined after a lot of research that titanium is the best metal that can be used for your next production purpose. Well, this is the first step that you have taken into for manufacturing a product. There is a lot more that a manufacturer has to do and has to take a few important decisions to make the product of high quality.


Jaimanmetalalloys are the leading and reputed manufacturers that manufacture a wide variety of products using titanium alloy and its different grades.  But, for manufacturing pipes, they usually make use of titanium grade 1 pipes and 2. Now, I am sure you will be confused and have a doubt that why titanium grade 1 and 2 only there are other grades also that can be used for manufacturing titanium.

So, this blog is for all my friends who are in need to know what is the difference between titanium grade 1 and grade 2 pipes, why you should use them.

Well, all the titanium grades are strong, corrosive resistant and lightweight, but there are still a few significant differences which would impact the final result. When you choose any titanium grade, it is important for you to consider how the metal should be used and in what condition the alloy will be in as well as the size of titanium pipes. Usually, titanium grade is available in 2 grades and every grade has its own features which make it ideal for manufacturing different products.

So, let’s begin with the blog and know the difference between titanium grade 1 and 2 pipes in detail.

Titanium grade 1

It is one of the softest titanium grades that make it highly formable. This grade offers a high amount of ductility but it still maintains the impact toughness. The grade is widely used for manufacturing products like pipes and other applications where a high level of formability and weldability is necessary. The grade is considered excellent for a comprehensive range of applications while providing excellent performance.

Titanium grade 2

This titanium grade is slightly stronger and is very moldable but it has a high tensile strength which helps it to withstand in high temperature and pressure. The titanium grade 2 pipes & tubes is also available is quite affordable than other types of titanium grade. There are various applications that make use of titanium grade 2 for manufacturing.

Both these titanium grades are considered useful for manufacturing pipes. We manufacture these products using high quality of material and advanced technology. In addition to it, these pipes are made into different shapes, sizes, forms and specifications as per the demand of customers. Both the grades have their own features and properties which make them ideal for manufacturing different products.

So, now I am pretty much sure that you have understood the difference between titanium grade 1 and 2 pipes. Now it’s your choice which type of pipes you want for your industry.

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