What’s the Difference between Hastelloy B2 & B3 pipes?

What’s the Difference between Hastelloy B2 & B3 pipes?
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Stainless Steel Seamless TubesIn the global market, the demand for Hastelloy B2 and B3 pipes are on a hike among a large number of industrialists. As the product possesses excellent attributes in it, it has become popular and used at various critical industrial applications. If you are seeking to buy this product then dealing with Jaimanmetalalloys will definitely be advantageous. The industry as holding greater years of working experience is assuring to serve their esteem patrons with the high quality of Hastelloy pipes that are produced using superior and pure quality of alloy.

The manufacturing of the pipes is done under the strict guidance of professional experts’ team that assures better production. The use of refined technology and the modern tool has helped the producer to make the superior quality of pipes. The product to the buyer is supplied at the comprehensive range that vary in sizes, thickness, length, ends etc.  The pipes to the buyers are supplied at market leading rates.

Difference between Hastelloy B2 and B3 pipes-

Hastelloy B3 and Hastelloy B3 pipes-

Hastelloy B2 is also known as UNS N10665 that is corrosion resistant and solid solution molybdenum-nickel alloy. This alloy is exhibiting good corrosion resistance at aggressive reducing media like hydrochloric acid that range of concentrations and temperatures and in medium-concentrated sulphuric acid and with limited chloride contamination. The alloy can be used in phosphoric acid and acetic acid and a range of organic acids. Hastelloy B2 alloy is having chloride induced SCC resistance.

The pipes manufactured of Hastelloy B2 possess various good features like controlled chemistry with less chromium and iron content to retard ordered β phase Ni4Mo. It is significantly resistant to corrosion resistance at reducing atmosphere. Hastelloy B2 pipes are having excellent resistance to non-oxidizing acid and sulphuric acid. It too has good resistance to stress corrosion cracking that is chloride induced. The good resistance to a wider range of organic acids makes Hastelloy B2 pipes a popular product.

Hastelloy B3 and Hastelloy B3pipes-

Hastelloy B3 is molybdenum and nickel alloys family additional member with greater hydrochloric acid resistance at various concentrations and temperatures. It is withstanding formic, sulphuric and phosphoric acid as well as non-oxidizing acids.  This alloy is having chemistry design for achieving thermal stability level that is superior to predecessors like B2 alloy. It is having good resistance to corrosion, pitting and stress corrosion cracking and to knife line as well as the heat affected zone attack.

Talking about the Hastelloy B3 pipes, it maintains good ductility when transient exposure to intermediate temperatures. The pipes are having good stress corrosion cracking and pitting resistance ability. The pipes are phosphoric acid, acetic and formic acid resistant. Also, it to various temperature and concentrations is hydrochloric acid resistance.  The thermal stability of Hastelloy B3 pipes is superior.

How is quality checked?

To check the quality of Hastelloy B2 and B3 pipes various tests are conducted. It is like a positive material identification test, intergranular corrosion test, hardness test, pitting resistance test, macro/micro test, mechanical/chemical test etc. Thus no poor quality of pipes can be shipped.


Those were the difference in between Hastelloy B2 and B3 pipes. Just buy those from Jaimanmetalalloys and get heavy discounts.  

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