What is the Difference Between Inconel® and Incoloy® Pipes?

What is the Difference Between Inconel® and Incoloy® Pipes?
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Stainless Steel PipeThe two high-performance alloys who share the same family are Inconel and Incoloy. Both these super alloys are excellent in terms of use, but still have become a topic of confusion when it comes to choosing one. They both are great in providing good resistance to oxidation and corrosion moreover, they are mechanically strong at elevated temperatures. The only difference where they differ is the composition. The two alloys are composed differently which make them applicable in different industries. Moreover, this composition is responsible for the properties they possess. Other major areas of difference lie in the application of their suitability.


This alloy forms an outer layer of oxide which is stable and protects the alloy from any other attack. This protective layer protects the alloy from high pressure and applications instead of aluminum and steel. The Inconel comes in different variety with a slight difference in their chemical composition that offers to shift in their characteristics.

The Inconel alloy, in its basic form, is used in industry like food. The addition of other elements in Inconel give it strength and make stiff making it more suitable in areas like chemical processing, aerospace, and marine industries. Moreover, it is a good choice to work in critical environments where rocket engines, turbine blades and key components of the nuclear industry are made.

Characteristics of Inconel

It shows the following characteristics:

  • Resistance against acids like hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric and sulfuric acids
  • Resistance to stress corrosion cracking as it is completely free from chloride
  • Show excellent mechanical properties against low and high temperatures
  • Resistance against intercrystalline corrosion, crevice corrosion, and pitting
  • Oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures


This ideal material is a highly ferrous containing material which offers low cost to the industry. This is also ideal in working at elevated temperature but is not good to work in more critical applications. Its ease of fabrication makes it suitable to employ in processing where stainless steel is used. It comes in different grades as well. These grades have emphasis more on corrosion resistance properties of Incoloy. Moreover, like Inconel it is also alloyed with different elements make it more suitable to different environments.

In an environment like as chemical, physical deterioration, cracking and surface pitting Incoloy is seen used. It shows resistance to brine, sour gas, seawater, high chloride environments and thus are a popular choice for industries like oil and gas. In harshest chemical environments, more specialized Incoloy alloys are used. These are the environments like wet scrubbing, acids, nuclear fuel, reactive atmospheres of furnaces and others.

Pipes made of both Inconel 600 Pipes &  Incoloy 800 Pipes are good to use in different industry and applications.


  • Pollution control equipment
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Flare stacks
  • Gas turbines
  • Space crafts
  • Rocket motors or engines
  • Components which are exposed to high mechanical stress
  • In the marine industry

All such industries need Incoloy 800 Pipes which are good at working in acids and undergo a different level of stress. Any ordinary pipe can get damaged and need to be replaced. This increases the cost to industry whereas pipes made of these alloys show no damage even under stress.

This one property of pipes makes it lasts for long as pressures and stress are common in such industry. Strength and durability are the most important factor which these pipes fulfill.

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