What Are The Modern Titanium Applications To Know?

What Are The Modern Titanium Applications To Know?
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Titanium alloy is traditionally used as extremely strong, lightweight and also exceedingly corrosion resistant for many purposes. It is used in aircraft, seawater desalination plants, heat exchangers and electric power plants. Recently, it has found more applications and is increasingly used in consumer products, information technology equipment, sporting goods by using aesthetic surface appearances.

In very large numbers titanium alloys have been created and are grouped into 4 categories. The properties are depending on the basic chemical structure and the way those are being manipulated at the time of manufacturing. Some of the elements used for developing the alloy are like zirconium, molybdenum, cobalt, aluminum, vanadium, and tin. Alpha phase alloy is having low strength but is formable and weldable. Alpha plus beta alloy is having high strength. However, near alpha alloy is having average strength but is having very good creep resistance ability. Beta phase alloy is having the hughets strength of any titanium alloy but they are lacking ductility.

List of titanium applications-

Industries all across the globe are using titanium alloy in many diverse applications and settings.  titanium Alloys are avaliable in various forms and sizes eg. titanium bars, titanium sheets, titanium pipes & titanium wires. Special thanks to the great acceptability, this metal has found usability in everything that you will know in this post.

Aircraft structure titanium alloy metal-

Titanium alloy is having greater specific strength and good corrosion resistance ability and able to withstand high temperature, ease in weldability, so it is used widely in the advanced aircraft and engines. Today the percentage of titanium metal utilized in an aircraft structure weight has become an essential symbol for measuring aircraft materials advanced degrees. Titanium metal actually accounts for about 39% of the airframe weight of F-22 fighter aircraft. Usage of titanium alloy in a foreign civil aircraft has increased with the creation of aircraft design and performances. High damage tolerance performances are the essential performance index for the latest generation aircraft with greater mobility, long-lastingness, damage tolerance design, and low costs.

The US had taken lead damage safety design as well as damage tolerance parameters for the successful application in the advanced fighter aircraft. F-22 fighter is using many damage tolerance titanium metals and large integral constituents for meeting the design needs of the long service life and high weight holding serviceability.

Greater temperature titanium alloy is used for the aircraft engines-

Greater temperature titanium alloy is used in the manufacturing of the aero engine compressor blades, discs and casing part, etc. These parts need materials under the greater temperature operations conditions with the creep resistance, high specific strength, rupture strength fatigue strength, and stability. Wirth thrust weight ration enhancement in an aerospace, high-pressure outlet temperature rises and that leads to greater temperature titanium blade and disk working temperature increasing. After a few decades of the development, the maximum working temperature of the titanium alloy that is solid solutions enhanced has raised from 350-600.

More applications-

  • Marine- It is used in marine as it is resisting corrosion caused by the seawater. It is right for use at the marine propeller shafts as well as rigging, fishing tool, desalination plants, etc.
  • Medical- Titanium as compatible with the human body is used in several instruments and prosthetics like tooth implants and joint replacements, etc.
  • Sports equipment- As titanium alloy is light in weight, durable and sturdier in nature, it is used in bike frames. Also, it is used for making badminton, tennis, etc.

So these are the modern titanium alloy applications.

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