What are the characteristics of Nickel 200/201 Round Bars?

What are the characteristics of Nickel 200/201 Round Bars?
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Nickel 200 / 201 both alloy are a solid solution strengthened alloying element.Among the higher temperature ranges, they have very strong mechanical properties. They also has very good resistance to a number of corrosives, especially hydroxides. Nickel 201 is the Nickel 200 Alloy Revision. This is primarily to monitor at the temperature ranges of 600-1400 degree F the carbon that prevents the material from being embrittled by IGC. Nickel 201 Round bars decrease the rate of corrosion in oxidizing conditions. Because of its qualities, they are used in equipment industries.

The applications where Nickel 200 Round bars/rods find their usage in many applications such as heat exchangers, condensers, automotive, marine, medical, petrochemical, marine, chemical , pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, food manufacturing, power generation, oil & gas, etc.

In these bars and rods, there are many commendable qualities and the market for the same has become much higher because of this. The characteristics are like-resisting higher loads, sturdy structure, anti-corrosive body, 100 percent general corrosion resistance, very good surface finishes, good dimensional accuracy , high tensile strength , high yielding strength, longevity, long-functionality, resistance to cracking crevice corrosion and resistance to cracking stress corrosion.

The commercially pure (99.6 percent) wrought nickel is nickel 200. It has good mechanical properties and outstanding tolerance to many conditions that are corrosive. Its magnetic and magnetostrictive properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity, low gas content and low vapour pressure are other useful features of the alloy.The corrosion resistance of Nickel 200 makes it especially useful in the handling of foods, synthetic fabrics and caustic alkalies to preserve product purity; and also in structural applications where corrosion resistance is a prime consideration. Chemical shipping drums, electrical and electronic parts, and aerospace and missile components are other applications.

It also has strong magnetostrictive properties and a high Curie temperature. There is a low hardness and strong ductility and malleability of annealed nickel. Combined with strong weldability, these qualities make the metal highly fabricable. Nickel has a relatively low work-hardening quality, but while preserving ductility, it can be cold-worked to fairly high strength levels. Nickel, as measured by Izod or Charpy effect measurements, is one of the toughest metals. Both Nickel 200 hot-rolled and annealed samples have greater impact strength than cold-worked material.

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