Uses of Inconel 800 Round Bars

Uses of Inconel 800 Round Bars
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The very first thing to understand here is that Inconel 800 is a grade of Inconel, so let’s talk about Inconel here. An alloy is a steel that is made up by the combination of certain metals in a specific ratio. Inconel, just like a regular alloy is comprised of Nickel and Chromium Importantly the difference here is that the ratio of nickel and chromium here is more than that of other metals.

The metals that are present in the Inconel alloy are Nickel at 61.5%, Chromium 22.5%, and Carbon at 0.05%. Availability of carbon makes the alloy stronger ad durable. It has a Tensile Strength of 80000 Psi, and can yield up to 30000 at the elongation of 35%. Inconel 601 also has good ductility. The grades available of Inconel are Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 800, Inconel 825.

The grade 800 has a similar variant which is 800H. Amongst many grades of Inconel there are two variants of 800 i.e. 800 itself and 800H, both of which are identical. What makes 800 and 800H different than other grades is the presence of Cobalt in the chemical property. The chemical composition of the grade is Nickel and Cobalt at maximum of 35.0%, Cobalt separately at 2.00%, Chromium at maximum 23.0%, Copper at 0.75%, Manganese at 1.50%, Aluminium at 0.60%. the mechanical properties of Inconel 800 goes as Tensile Strength of 75 ksi and 520 MPa, Yield Strength of 30 ksi and 205 MPa with an elongation of 30%.

Inconel 800 round bars is a significant alloy that is used for many applications. Just like a usual bar but round in shape is simply called Round Bars. The Bars are manufactured in several shapes like square, rectangle, round, hexagon, etc. The Inconel 800 and 800H are similar in every aspect and either one can be used in any application, but both the grades would performequally when used. The size could range from 6mm to 120mm and length depends it can be uniform or customized. Finished round bars comes as Bright orPolished and Black. The bars are used as it is or it is cut and made it into whole new product. Inconel 800 round bars is a iron-nickel-chromium that is quite resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This round bar can bear very much temperature. The Inconel 800 can be heat treated at 2100° F. The Inconel 800 can be forged into products like sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, bars, rods, flanges, fasteners, pipe fittings, etc. all these products have demand in number of industries.

Applications of Inconel 800 Round Bars

Inconel 800 and 800H round bars mainly used in industries like De-aerating heaters, Marine engineering, Chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, Gasoline and, freshwater tanks, Boiler feed water heaters and other, heat exchangers, Valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, and fasteners, Industrial heat exchangers, Crude petroleum stills, Chlorinated solvents, Crude oil distillation towers. All these mentioned industries rely heavily on Inconel 800 and 800H as it is an alloy that has the ability to withstand the harsh conditions and temperatures of the.

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