Top 10 uses of Titanium metal in Industries

Top 10 uses of Titanium metal in Industries
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Titanium alloy with the chemical abbreviation “Ti” is having the atomic number “22” and is transition metals member. Titanium metal is strong and light-weight refractory compound. This alloy appears to be highly luxurious and silver colored metal. We Supply Titanium Pipes, Titanium Wires, Titanium Rods at affordable prices. The titanium named was brought from its Greek name “Titan”. It was known as a group of strong and supernatural beings. This alloy is treated to be highly durable and stronger alloy. It is common alloy and is found in the several sediments and rocks Similar to other transition metals titanium alloy forms the oxide layer on its body when reacts with air. This alloy due to excellent properties is found used in many industrial applications.


The alloys having titanium are well known for their light-weight, outstanding corrosion resistance, and high strength. It is as stronger as steel and titanium element is about 40% light in weight that with resistant to erosion and corrosion is making it an important structural alloy particularly for aerospace engineers.

This alloy is formidable in corrosion resistance by chemical and water media. It is done by forming titanium dioxide thin layer on its surface that is highly complex for these resources to penetrate.

Having elasticity low modulus means that titanium alloys are not at all flexible it after bending it returns to the original shape, resulting in its value to shape the memory alloys.  

Titanium metal is a biocompatible (non-allergic and non-toxic) and a non-magnetic alloy. It has led to its increasing use in the medical field.

Titanium uses-

Titanium metal is used as too much stronger, lightweight and exceedingly corrosion resistant alloy in the seawater desalination plant, aircraft, heat exchangers and power plants. Also, it has found many applications in sporting goods, consumer products, and IT equipment by making utilization of artistic surface appearances and deluxe feel.

Thousands of titanium metal is developed and those can be grouped into mainly 4 categories. The properties are depending on the basic chemical structure and manner in which they at the time of manufacturing are manipulated.  Some metals are used for developing alloys including cobalt, molybdenum, zirconium, aluminum, vanadium, and tin. Alpha phase alloy is having low strength but is weldable and formable.  Alpha-beta alloy possesses high strength. Nearly alpha alloy is having medium strength but offers creep resistance. Beta phase alloy is having greater strength of titanium alloy but lack ductility.

Uses of titanium metal-

  • airplane bodies, missiles, fan blades, boosters, engine compartments, jet engine parts, compressors
  • water jets, valves & pipes, seawater heat exchange system, vessel pumps
  • plastics, salt refining industry, concentrators, electric tanks, distillation towers, reactors
  • surgical instruments, artificial joints, dental implants
  • valves & pipes, desalination pipes
  • watches, kitchenware, fishing rods
  • tennis rackets, ice skates, hiking sticks, badminton rackets
  • silencer, connecting rods, exhaust system
  • pipes, roofing, fences
  • plate/sheets/coils, pipes/tubes, fasteners/nuts/bolts

Titanium alloy due to high elasticity, low thermal conductivity, electric resistance, lightweight, corrosion resistance, etc has made it a popular alloy. This is thus widely used in many applications. If seeking to buy Ti product you can deal with Jaiman industry to enjoy the best services and quality of goods.

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