Stainless Steel Pipe – Common Applications

Stainless Steel Pipe – Common Applications
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With so many options to choose from it is important to know which one to pick that suits the desired business applications. This is true for stainless steel pipe as well. Different properties of the pipe make it suitable in different applications. However, in order to master to pick the right material for your industry, it is worthy to know about the different types of pipes as well. Moreover, it is important to learn where these different pipes are used. We cover all small details of stainless steel pipes to give the right guidance to our readers.

Types of steel pipes

Different pipes are available in the market so learn which one suits best to the scenario.

Super Duplex UNS S32760 Seamless Pipes– this pipe does not have any weld joints or seam. This makes it withstand the high levels of temperature and pressure. This one is best for oil and gas applications. Moreover, mechanical and engineering industries make use of the seamless pipe. They are however not versatile and needs a high level of inspection for quality insurance.

Welded pipe– due to the flexibility of welded pipes they are used in almost all industries. They have better corrosion resistance than the seamless pipe which is better to work in different pressure levels. They are light weighted and cost effective as well. Thus they are sound as better cost-effective options for customers who value money.

Flanges- they are an important part of any industry and come in different forms such as semis, lap joints, threaded, blinds, and slip-on. They are high-reliability products that are durable and made from sturdy materials.

Application of stainless steel pipes

Let us have a look over the applications where these different pipes are used.

Oil and gas applications– in such industries corrosion resistance is an important need. Thus pipes which can withstand high pressure are required. These industries offer harsh environments to pipes where damage is common. Pipes with incredible corrosion resistance and the ability to work in harsh conditions are needed. Stainless steel pipes are sturdy and used here where they play a huge role.

Nuclear power– nuclear power is generated from nuclear reactors which use water to produce steam. The steam turbines and cooling equipment are requirements of such an industry. A large amount of water is being pumped which need strong pipes and stainless steel pipes are one of them. Moreover, the corrosive nature of the water should be well handled by the pipe. Stainless steel pipe defends against corrosion offered by seawater. Thus they also hold importance in the nuclear power industry.

LNG- liquefied natural gas industry also uses such pipes. They need a cost-effective pipe which can easily transport LNG gas to different destination. The right piping material is also needed to provide an economical and safe transport of LNG. This is where the need for stainless steel pipe arises.

Desalination- the stainless steel pipes don’t corrode from salts and other minerals which occur during the conversion of salt water into fresh water. The desalination industry also needs the right pipe setup to bring fresh water to different parts of the world. The corrosive environment is again faced here where stainless steel pipes come into need.

Another common application of such pipes is mining and mineral industry. They make large operations easier and profitable. They provide safety and reliability to such industry.

Stainless steel pipes have ample of applications and this is possible due to the properties they have.

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