Monel 400 Vs. Monel K-500 – Which One is Best for You

Monel 400 Vs. Monel K-500 – Which One is Best for You
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The client often gets stuck when it comes to choosing between Monel K-500 and Monel 400, so in order to relieve them; I have provided a detailed guide on the topic. You can know how Monel 400, as well as Monel K-500, differs in chemical, physical and mechanical composition, plus in features. So, let’s get started.

Overview of Monel 400-

Monel 400 is basically a nickel-copper alloy which has other names as UNS N04400. It is basically a solid-solution alloy which is hardened through cold working. It possesses high toughness and high strength over a comprehensive range of temperature ranges as well as excellent features to corrosive environments. The alloy 400 is broadly been used in various fields like chemical and marine processing. The typical applications are pumps and valves.

It consists of 2 crystalline solids which get joined together so as to form a single solid structure. The term Monel was introduced by Robert Crooks. Multiple variations of an alloy that contain around 63% nickel, 29-34% copper, 1.5-2% manganese, and 2-2.5% iron. The resistant toward attacks by alkalis and acids, value the variations of Monel 400. Some amount of nickel and copper gets incorporated naturally by the product. It can be easily hardened by cold working and possess high strength.

Due to resistance toward deterioration, the 400 gets mostly used in industries. In most applications, since the metal is very useful, the cost is considerable. Monel 400 costs around 5-10 times than ordinary copper or nickel. That is why it is considered rare. As a result of this, Monel 400 becomes one of the rarest alloys that controls strength in sub-zero temperatures.

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Advantages of Monel 400-

Some of the notable advantages of Monel 400 are malleable, stronger than steel, highly resistant to acids and alkalies, good resistance in sulphuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

Overview of Monel K-500-

Monel K-500 is basically age-hardenable copper-nickel alloy that combines corrosion resistance features of alloy 400 along with erosion resistance and high strength fatigue. Through the addition of titanium and aluminum, the Monel K-500 is precipitated hardened. The Monel K-500 can easily retain corrosion resistance characteristics related to 400 and it possesses enhanced hardness and strength. It exhibits 3 (x) yielding strength and 2 (x) tensile strength. By cold working, it can be strengthened before hardening of precipitation.

At sub-zero temperature, the Monel K-500 shows excellent mechanical properties up to temperature range of 480 degree C. What makes it extensively used in chemical and marine environments? It is corrosion resistance. From non-oxidizing salts, mineral acids and alkalis to pure water, you can see its incredible resistance properties.

It is often used in applications involving pump shafts and propeller.

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Advantages of Monel K-500-

Some of the notable advantages of Monel K-500 are attractive appearance, relatively low cost, good ductility, high mechanical strength, and high corrosion resistance.


Based on the above details and description on Monel 400 and Monel K-500, the client can easily decide which kind of application will be served by outstanding features. You yourself can decide which one is the best.

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