Distinguishing Between INCONEL and MONEL Pipes

Distinguishing Between INCONEL and MONEL Pipes
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Have you ever thought about what could be the difference in between two popularly used alloys that is INCONEL and MONEL? Do you know all about what actually are these alloys and for what are they used? To give the answer of your question we are here with the post that will tell you the difference in between Inconel 600 Pipes and Monel pipes. So continue on reading the article.


Stainless Steel PipeInconel alloy is the registered trademark that is referring to the austenitic chromium-nickel super alloys family. Inconel alloy is the material that is particularly used for few toughest usable conditions that are found in producing industrial goods.  Inconel alloy is a solid solution strengthened alloy, is resistant to acid, have good weld-ability and resistivity in nature. It is precipitation hardenable chromium and nickel-based cast metal. However, the increase in the content of aluminium in it is making it a well-improved rupture strength alloy at an elevated temperature. Also, it is having the ability to withstand the high-temperature atmosphere and is having good corrosion resistance properties.


Monel alloy is the group of metals like nickel alloy and is mainly having a nickel of about 67%, copper and manganese, iron, silicon, and carbon in stronger amount. It is stronger than the pure nickel. Monel alloy is having the ability to be fully resistant to corrosion by several agents that include faster flowing seawater. They are readily fabricated by cold and hot working, welding, and machining. Monel alloy is the alloy that is actually a nickel-based alloy that is having copper in between 29% to 33%.

The basic difference in between INCONEL and MONEL pipes-

In the basic term, INCONEL is the chromium and nickel alloy whereas talking about MONEL, it is copper and nickel alloy. Both of these metals are used commonly in the applications in form of pipes with greater heat and very much high temperature and in severe conditions as well.

In the case of INCONEL alloy we know that is nickel and chromium alloy with the aluminium addition for greater resistance to oxidation and high-temperature corrosion. These characteristics as per Jaimanmetalalloys are specifically is making the INCONEL pipes the best choice for use in an applications like gas and oil extraction. However, drilling for the oil is involving harsh condition and needs the product that can easily withstand in these conditions.

Monel alloy is well known to be a copper and nickel alloy with greater strength and good corrosion resistance in various media that includes hydrofluoric acid, seawater, alkalis, and sulfuric acid. These properties according to Jaimanmetalalloys are making it be an excellent selection for various purposes like chemical processing equipment, fresh water tanks, gasoline, and crude petroleum stills. You will definitely see the Monel alloy in form of Monel pipes widely used in saltwater applications because of corrosion resistance ability in such an atmosphere.


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