Difference Between Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes And Super Duplex Pipes?

Difference Between Duplex Stainless Steel Pipes And Super Duplex Pipes?
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Jaimanmetalalloys is known for producing a high volume of super duplex products. They supply materials to countless industries around the world that use these pipes for industrial applications. The stock of duplex pipes is present in the wide array of dimensions, standards, designation and specification to fulfill the urgent requirement of the clients. The duplex and super duplex pipes are offered in different shapes, thickness, and custom lengths.

The duplex UNS S32205 pipes has high resistance to stress corrosion cracking on chloride-bearing environments, whereas; the super duplex grade also has resistance to chloride-bearing environments. 2205 serves SSC in the environment containing hydrogen sulfide. 2207 has high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. The duplex pipes have good fatigue strength and physical properties. Both metal alloys offer good workability, weldability, formability. These grades are completely designed for heavy engineering applications due to its unmatched strength.

The stainless pipes manufactured from high-grade raw materials using latest technologies. Pipe fittings come with accurate dimensions and tolerance limit for different type of industrial pipe fittings. The grade is completely quenched and tempered and even magnetic and non-magnetic in nature. The metal finishing process like the matte finish, BA finish, hairline, sand brushing refines their dimensions or SATIN and bright black polish avoids oxidations.

Duplex stainless steel pipes

The duplex is the type of stainless steel with the mixed microstructure of ferrite and austenite. Typically, it is made up of 50-50 concentration of them, commercial alloys it is mixed 60/40 ratio respectively. These have improved strength over austenitic SS and enhanced resistance to localized corrosion such as pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking. These have the composition of high chromium 19-28%, molybdenum up to 5% and also the lowest nickel content than austenitic SS mostly used duplex SS are the 2205 and 2507 with 22% chromium, 5% nickel and 25% chromium, 7% nickel. 2507 is also called the super duplex because of its higher resistance.

The duplex stainless steel is double mechanical properties of singular austenitic steels and resistance towards cracking is superior to other grade steels. It shows ductility or brittleness at 50 degrees C.

Super duplex stainless steel pipes

Super duplex stainless steel pipes are known for its better stress corrosion and mechanical properties than other types of steel grades. These are the austenitic ferritic iron and chromium-nickel alloy adding the molybdenum alloy. These pipes have good resistance to stress corrosion cracking at hoists temperatures compared to conventional steel grades. The high resistance of these pipes makes them the ideal choice for offshore and onshore environments.

Testing details-

Under the supervision and guidelines of the professionals, the production takes place. Also, maintain quality standards pipes undergo with different tests according to national and international standards. The tests include mechanical test, chemical test, PMI test, spectral test, destructive- non-destructive test, micro-macro test, radiographic test and visual inspection test by third-party inspections and other tests.

The duplex and super duplex stainless steel pipes both are packed and delivered in the form of bundles. It along with plastic wrapping is delivered that avoids corrosion and damages while exporting to global clients.

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