Copper Nickel Pipes: Properties, Processing, Applications

Copper Nickel Pipes: Properties, Processing, Applications
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Copper Nickel 90/10 Welded PipeJaiman industry is having a unique product collection that is supplied to various industries all across the globe. They are working harder to provide the customer with greater customer services that easily satisfy the resource requirements of all buyers. They have been in the same sector since a long time so they have become specialized and thus have got greater hands-on experience so that they are able to offer qualitative ranges of Copper nickel pipes. They as a supplier, manufacturer and exporter are providing the same that is having high oxidation resistance, good thermal stability, stress corrosion cracking resistance and moderate strength. The pipes offered are varying differently in grades, sizes, standard, wall thickness, types, schedules, forms, end, and length, etc.

What is a copper-nickel alloy?

Copper-nickel also is known as cupronickel or cupernickel is the group of copper and nickel alloy that is used at that saltwater atmosphere because of corrosion resistant properties.  The common cupronickel alloy is 90/10 Cu-Ni and 70/30 Cu-Ni. These alloys are having excellent working properties that are weldable readily and is measured as insensible to stress corrosion. Also, it is resistant to crevice corrosion, biofouling, hydrogen embrittlement, and stress corrosion cracking. Little bit difference in corrosion resistance and strength is determining which alloy is good for use at a specific application.

Cupronickel corrosion resistance-

Cupronickel is corrosion resistant at seawater thus making it ideal for marine uses.  It resists corrosion at seawater due to its electrode potential is neutral in such an atmosphere. It does not form electrolytic cell when placed nearer to other alloys within electrolyte that is galvanic corrosion main cause. Copper forms a protective layer on its body when it is exposed to the seawater that thus protects metals from getting deteriorated.


Copper Nickel Pipes are well known for delivering outstanding performances and is developed for meeting all desires. These pipes are used in various industrial applications like-

  • Oil and gas pipeline
  • Structural pipes
  • Chemical Industry
  • Plumbing
  • Food processing industry
  • Heating
  • Water Supply system
  • Power point
  • Fabrication industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • General purpose applications
  • Power plant

Key properties to know-

Copper nickel pipes properties are varying based on compositions. Alloy 90/10 and 70/30 is showing excellent resistance to corrosion especially in seawater. Alloy 70/30 Pipes is a strong one and is having excellent resistant to impingement corrosions. By 90/10 alloy little bit resistant to biofouling is exhibited.  Copper-rich alloy is ductile and is hardened through cold working. It is greatly resistant to corrosion and possesses a low-temperature coefficient of the electrical resistance. Nickel content leads those to retain strength at different temperatures.


In order to fabricate the copper nickel pipes with the fullest perfection, it undergoes several stages at the time of the manufacturing process. This includes melting, casting (hot/cold working), heat treatment, machining, joining, welding, soldering/brazing, surface treatment, mechanical fastening. All these lead it in bringing out the 100% perfect quality of pipes that have fine surface finishes and perfect dimensional accuracy.

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