All You Need To Know About SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes

All You Need To Know About SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes
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Duplex Steel PipeSMO 254 Pipes & Tubes are lower price option. These pipes and tubes are supplied in a variety of dimensions, standards, thickness, and specifications. These are developed for use in seawater applications and other chloride media applications. The grade has excellent property of anti- biofouling prominent for sea water. These are excellently resistive towards pitting and crevice cracking also highly resistant to general corrosion. Importantly, these bears stress corrosion cracking in terms of impact loads. SMO grade poses great strength.

Because of its weldability attribute, these can be weld from any type of filler materials or even can be controlled in moderate temperatures. SMO pipes and tubes also have good machinability, formability so that it can be easily turned into any type of complex shapes and design. To fit in different types of applications these come with machining allowance and tolerance limit.

Processing details of SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes:

The SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes are rolled out from the hot and cold working process using the latest machines. Manufacturers select only top-notch crude materials that ensure better lifetime of pipes and tubes. The pipes and tubes are delivered in heat treated condition.  This adds extra hardness and for further processing, it is also required. Moderate quenching with water almost neglect every defect occur while manufacturing. Moreover, finishing provided to fabricated products and SATIN coat and bright black polish prevents corrosion even in the untreated area.

Forms of SMO 254 pipes & tubes available on the market:

These pipes and tubes are available in dimensions up to 230mm (outside diameter). These are supplied on the annealed or white pickled state also with the bright annealing process. The other forms of supply are welded tube and pipe, forged, cast products, and so on.

Quality policy:

The manufacturers consider emphasis on ensuring adherence quality inspection at all levels. The strict quality assurance system is being followed in all production departments and TQM is applied to streamline and the procedure of production to achieve with high standards of efficiency of the product. The continuous program is made for improving the material technology to offer the best quality product at the most reasonable rates. SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes are supplied as per the norms set by industries. Also, these are calibrated against the national and international standards to check the reliability of the product.

The test performed on merchandise are intergranular corrosion test, flaring test, flattening test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, pitting corrosion test, and visual inspection.

Some other tests are also performed that includes Mechanical test, hardness test, tensile test, positive material test, micro and macro test, chemical test/ spectro analysis, and third-party inspection.

Jaimanmetalalloys is a high-grade SMO 254 Pipes & Tubes provider. We Also provide other Items like SMO 254 Coils and SMO 254 Bars.  They stock pipes and tubes as per the demand of clients and delivers to domestic and global clients. With the fast logistic services, one can get their orders within a week without being any damages. The excellent workability of pipes and tubes permits for different adverse industrial applications, buy them long lasting purposes.

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