All You Need to know about Nickel Alloy 200 Bars

All You Need to know about Nickel Alloy 200 Bars
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Titanium Round BarNickel 200 is commercially pure and has features like resistant to various reducing chemicals & caustic alkalis, good magnetostrictive properties, high electrical and thermal conductivity, good ductility, low work hardening rate, good weldability, and solderability. It has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance to many environments.

The excellent resistance to corrosion of Nickel Alloy 200 Bars makes it particularly useful for maintaining product purity in the handling of foods, synthetic fibers, and caustic alkalies; and also in structural applications where resistance to corrosion is a prime consideration.

Other applications of Nickel 200 Bars include the Electronic & Electrical components industry, chemical processing, Aerospace components, etc.

Types Of Nickel Alloy 200 Bars.

Nickel 200 Bars are available in various forms like

  • Nickel 200 Round Bars- are often employed in construction and engineering comes. These give immediate stability and strength and thence the project may well be quickly accomplished through the standard bright bars merchandise.
  • Nickel 200 Square Bars- are employed in the manufacture of trellis and fences or rails in buildings.
  • Nickel 200 Flat Bars- Sports and health equipment are also crafted from Nickel 200 Flat Bars.
  • Nickel 200 Threaded Bars- are ideal for plant maintenance and industries more where corrosive conditions exist. It also requires high humidity which is found in agricultural and electrical components.
  • Nickel 200 Hollow Bars- have extensively been used as piping material for seawater systems in shipbuilding, offshore, and desalination industries.
  • Nickel 200 Hex Bars- is used in threaded bars, studs, pins, hinges, dairy equipment, fasteners, pump shafts, and many others. They have the good weight-bearing capability so that they are easily used in the transportation industry.
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