A Short Overview on Hastelloy Tube Fitting

A Short Overview on Hastelloy Tube Fitting
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Hastelloy Tube fitting is available in a variety of grades, standards, specifications and types to fulfil different industrial purposes such as flow regulation in the piping systems. These fittings are available in different types such as compression, flare, bite type, mechanical grip type etc. Hastelloy is one of the widely used material for the fabrication of tube fittings due to its exceptional chemical composition and mechanical features.

Chemical Composition: Hastelloy is a nickel based superalloy that has excellent chemical composition of chromium, molybdenum and other elements such as iron, cobalt, tungsten, copper, vanadium, manganese, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur. This material has different grades based such as Hastelloy C22, C276, B2, B3 and X that are used for their respective characteristics in the industrial sectors. Hastelloy Tube Fitting offer excellent resistance to the corrosive and strong oxidizing media. Hastelloy Tube Fitting has tungsten that offers excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance. This Tube fitting offer resistance to sulphuric, acetic and phosphoric acids and cupric, ferric chlorides.

Features: Hastelloy Tube fitting has lower carbon content that make it highly resistant to the intergranular corrosion.  This fitting offer higher performance and durability under higher as well as cryogenic temperature conditions. Hastelloy Tube Fitting exhibit remarkable resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion in most chloride containing atmospheres. Apart from this, this tube fitting also offer excellent resistance to localized and uniform corrosion in any reducing media. Hastelloy Tube Fitting have easy installation, very good weldability and formability features. The molybdenum content in this tube fitting offers higher resistance to fluoride salts and brackish waters. Tis tube fitting has easy machinability using standard process. This tube fitting as higher creep resistance, toughness and flexibility that make it easily sustain in higher mechanical strength and temperatures. In order to increase the strength of alloy different standard process are performed such as work hardening, and precipitation hardening.

Applications: Hastelloy Tube fitting are popularly used in man industrial sectors due to excellent resistivity and higher mechanical strength. This tube fitting is used in the medical devices that require precise outside diameters. Hastelloy Tube fitting offers excellent resistance in the applications like waste water treatment plants, paper and pulp industry, chemical processing, sour gas wells, heat exchangers, food processing, chemical reaction vessels, and many other.

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