All you need to know about Titanium Grade 1 Pipes

All you need to know about Titanium Grade 1 Pipes
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Stainless Steel PipeJaimanmetalalloys are the top leading manufacturer and supplier and also stockholder that are available for offering high quality of the industrial products. They are providing reliable and highly durable Titanium Grade 1 Pipes at an affordable price. Titanium is the austenitic alloy that is used widely for the purpose of fabricating industrial goods. Several grades are there in which the product is manufactured and Titanium Grade 1 Pipes is one among those. All the products are fabricated as per the international and national product quality standards. The titanium pipes are supplied to the buyers according to their needs and requirements with full marking and specifications.

The Titanium Grade 1 Pipes are well known for its high strength and greater durability because titanium itself is the strongest metal. If a buyer is seeking for the best quality and grade of the pipes, then making use of titanium grade pipes will be a lot beneficial.  Today the titanium pipes are found to be used widely in various applications that require greater support and strength in order to withstand in the high-temperature surrounding. Additionally, the industries wherein these pipes can be used are water, oil and gas transportation, chemical processing industries, etc. The titanium pipes are supplied to the buyers according to the pre-requisites of those which vary in specifications, sizes, and shapes.

Important Specification about the pipes to know-

Now talking about the diameter of the titanium pipes, the outer diameter is varying from 6mm to 201mm. Apart from titanium grade 1 it can be acquired in other grades as well.  The pipes by the industry dealing as a supplier also are provided in different types like welded, seamless, and fabricated. Additionally, they can be acquired in various forms that include square, round, and rectangle. It can also be acquired in different finishes like pickles, Electro-polishing, outside and inside mechanical polishing, and BA finishing.

Testing over the pipes-

The industry in order to make sure that the ordered Titanium Grade 1 Pipes by the buyer is manufactured and supplied without having errors. To assure that the product is fully free of faults, various tests are conducted over it. The testing is positive material identification test (PMI), hardness test, pitting resistance test, Intergranular corrosion test (IGC). Also, the other tests like flattening test, chemical analysis, macro test, flaring test, micro test, mechanical test, and radiography test are conducted.

Few essential documents the industry provides-

When the Titanium Grade 1 Pipes Suppliers are ready to ship from the industry to the buyer, few essential documents are provided. This is only for the assurance that no poor quality of pipes is supplied to the buyers that can cause dissatisfactions. In order to prove that 100% purity is there in pipes, the documents are provided. It includes commercial invoice, fumigation certification, certificate of origin, heat treatment chart, quality assurance plan, and raw material test report, packaging list, material traceability and report. Also, the test certifications like third-party inspection report, lab test report, buyers test report, and radiography test report is too provided.


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